May 21, 2008

LOST Thoughts, Theories and Predictions

A tad later than I wanted to post it and thus some of my theories have already been disproven and consequently deleted. Here's the rest:

● The Island has a certain effect on the acquisition of foreign languages for the people with a connection to it. I think there already is something like a "Babel Theory" floating around somewhere.

-Walt learning Spanish in Season 1, reading a Green Lantern(?) Comic
-Ben is seemingly speaking a multitude of different languages
-Hurley being able to speak Korean in his dream. Also, in some scenes it looked as if he was able to understand Jin more than he should

  • ● Mikhail is invincible (and will come back), Richard does not age (obiously). They are the same as Jacob, part of the island and different from normal living people. They are also both "natives", as in "living" on the island before Dharma. Maybe all three of them share these powers.
  • Widmore is the head of Dharma/Hanso Foundation and owner or associate of Oceanic Airlines
  • ● Mr. Paik will die in the course of the series with Jin and/or Sun involved in the death
Hints: Recurring theme of the offspring killing the parent.
Kate killed Wayne
Ben killed Roger, his mother died because of complications from the delivery
Locke killed Anthony by proxy of Sawyer
Jack and Claire are partly responsible for Christians death by both rejecting him
Claire killed her mother in a car accident
Jin declared his father dead
Claire dies so that Aaron can live (?)

Paik is also supposedly part of Dharma/Hanso, which makes him a good candidate for death.
  • Rosseau was part of the Dharma initiative and somehow survived the purge. Her recording in the radio tower, "they're all dead", is referring to the purge. We will see her and Ben together in an on-island flashback to the Dharma/shortly-after-the-purge days.
  • ● People who were once on the island can not die/kill themselves off the island
Ben can't kill Charles ("We both know I can't do that")
Micheal can't kill himself
The moment Jack wants to jump off the bridge, he can't do it
  • ● Matthew Abbadon is Walt of the future (how awesome would that be)
"Don't give up Mr. Locke"
Walt always had special powers to "appear in places he wasn't supposed to be". Maybe even in times he wasn't supposed to be?

  • ● Ben is Locke's "course correction".
  • ● Richard Alpert is fucking awesome
  • ● Martin Keamy is fucking awesome, yet totally disgusting

What is the Hurley Bird?
What is the importance of Christian Shepard?
Why did Regina jump off the ship?
Move the fucking Island? What?
What's the real power of the Orchid? (Teleportation/Time Travel?)
What happened to Claire?

See you after the finale in a little over a week.

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