June 17, 2008

You suck, Nintendo

Apparently, as NeoGAF and Kotaku commenters report, the new Wii Update version 3.3 does not only kill the Twilight Princess Hack and thus the homebrew channel, no, it also disables the use of the Freeloader. There is no report about the contrary at this moment, so I'll believe it for now without any hard proof.

My opinion on this matter:

I wanted to rant on Nintendo's current philosophy for a long time and never found the right words, but this is just unfair to PAL gamers, if not offending.

Not only do they release one of their biggest titles with a 5 month delay, in a time where the industry is obviously moving more and more towards simultaneous worldwide releases (GTA IV, MGS 4), now they also bar anyone who actually cares from easily importing them. Why? I can't see in which way this policy could benefit Nintendo at all. Sony realized it and made the PS3 completely region-free for games. Microsoft lets the publishers choose and most of them make their games playable on PAL consoles. Even Nintendo's own DS has no region lock and it does not seem to hinder its success even remotely.

Let's just hope Datel will have a new Freeloader available soon or the situation gets resolved in another way. Otherwise, the only option would be to import a genuine US Wii and not everybody is mode out of money. Also there is the possibility of installing a modchip, but there seem to be a lot of issues with this as well.

For now, though:

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