April 28, 2008

Gaming in Germany: Commence Operation

As I finally thought about doing something with my momentarily abundant time reserves, I decided to create a blog. And so I did! "Gaming in Germany". Other ideas included "DeutschGamer", "Gaming Galore Germany" and "Gaming Ghetto Germany". The title is still tentative (and bad). It'll probably change very soon.

Whatever the title may be in the future, here I will (in the best case) regularly post about my world and interests, the gaming world, news that I deem important and especially share my views about gaming in Germany, which is one of the the worst places to live as a person who likes games, right after North Korea and Australia.

There will be a lot of game talk, translated articles out of the German gaming press to hone my language skills (and hopefully spark some discussion) and more. You can also expect the odd LOST post or just about anything that strikes my fancy.

All of this is still BETA, as I indicated in proper Web 2.0 style at the top of my page in my hastily thrown together and shabby logo. What that means is that everything and anything can change at any second, or get scrapped altogether. Today alone I changed the layout maybe a hundred times, and I'm far from satisfied. I'm picking up some basic html knowledge along the way though, which is nice. I'm known to not follow through with most things that I do but I shall do my best to keep this site alive and lively.


Anonymous said...

well... i enjoyed your first post mr stuhlmann! your blog looks promising so far. i have a feeling this is going to be good. keep it up.

by the way you seem to have an impeccable taste when it comes to tv shows.

too bad we don't know each other.

Janine said...

it looks like... you DO KNOW each other.. hm?

Maxax said...

Yeah we do. :)